Aggy goes to work

Aggy works at Downers

Aggy goes to work at Downers. Aggy demonstrates that she is part of the team with Downer's company logo printed on her coat.

This coat is ideal for small dogs such as Aggy, who need to be clearly and safely visible. The coats can be printed with the logo of your choice.

Don't touch!

These well designed coats mean your dog can be out and about safely, and much more visible than wearing just his fur!

High vis material and reflective strips on each side of the coat mean it is equally as useful in daylight and early mornings or late evenings, and wherever your dog's adventures may take him. They are available in 5 different sizes, each with an adjustable girth and neck strap, to fit all shapes and sizes of dogs, and are quick and easy to put on or take off. Also an excellent option to have printed with your choice of lettering, such as 'In training, do not touch' or 'please give me space'.

Chelsea Marriner


BeSeen dog vests make ex-guide dog super visible

Arrived yesterday and it's a perfect fit. Thanks! Now he will be super visible on those early morning walks. Because he is an ex-guide dog he is trained to walk in front and I have been worried about people coming out of driveways not being able to see him. I am very pleased with your product and you've clearly put a lot of thought into development as it's such a good fit.

Kate and Otto - August 2016


I can see my dog in the dark with BeSeen coat

Our BeSeen coat was SUCH a good investment, especially at this time of year when our daily walk or mountain bike ride is in the dark with headlamps on! Great to be able to look ahead and know exactly where the dog is plus knowing that others will also see him coming.

Chelsea, and Gus the dog, July 2016


BeSeen dog vests are tough!

I purchased vests from you when you were at the Pet Expo in Auckland a couple of years ago.

After a long punishing life (courtesy of 2 happy, boisterous, full of life hounds) of bush, forest and beach walks, lots of rain, mud and sand, stream and sea water, numerous patch attempts, and washing machining, those vests must now be retired!

My dogs and I look forward to receiving the next batch and the fun that comes with them.

Kind regards, Jane
(18 September 2013)


From the Papillons...

Lee Leonard, South Island Papillon Club Secretary has provided these photos of "her boys" and says

"I think they look very smart."

So do we.

.. to large dogs

Sheena says... The jacket arrived and fits my dog fantastically.

He's going to fit right in here
in Christchurch with all the flouro
that's being worn by workers, etc."

Rosie still LOVES her bed she curls up happily on it as soon as we walk in the door each evening. I air it regularly but I haven't had to wash it yet either - it's the best bed I've ever had!

Thank you again for making such a lovely, personalised bed for Rosie!

Kind regards,

Sarah Cruickshank
Veterinary Physiotherapist

For some months now, we have had the use of a prototype Hi Viz dog coat for Louis, our Jack Russell cross chihuahua dog.

It is very easy to put on, and once on, he is quite oblivious to the extra layer.

Going for walks along streets with no footpaths, having Louis wear the Hi Viz coat makes it a much safer experience for us both.

Fiona of Cambridge

I saw these great vests at the Hamilton Pet Expo and what I liked about them was they looked comfortable and I can walk my dogs at night and keep them safe.

Basically they are just like high visability vests for people with the reflective strip on it and they are actually very well priced from $30.

Dog Guru

I put the safety coat on Meg just the other day because when she disappears off after rabbits I can't see her.

It is particularly useful in the long dark winter evenings especially as Meg is black and we can't see her at night.

She is happy to have it put on and pays no attention to it once it is on.

Glenn (and Mandy) of Wanaka



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