We supply the following dog coats and jackets and accessories.

Booster Seat

The BeSeen booster seat is made from shaped foam. The base is angled to sit well in a car seat which usually slopes down towards the back of the seat, and the top of the seat will be level to be comfortable for your dog to curl up within the seat’s sides, or be sitting looking out the window. The sides and back are designed to allow the seat belt to anchor the seat in to the car.

It is recommended that your dog be wearing a harness with loop through which the seat belt can be threaded, to keep it safely in one place within the vehicle.

The booster seat cover has a central panel of wool as found on bed underlays, and quilted nylon sides.

It zips off for washing at the base.

Dimensions at the base are 40 cm square (approximately).

The BeSeen booster seat is made in New Zealand.

front side of a small coat

Standard Be Seen Coat

The standard Be Seen coat is made from lightweight, yet strong, knitted polyester tricot fabric, dyed orange with a fluorescent dye to make it highly visible in daylight. The weave of the fabric allows it to be breathable and comfortable to wear. The fabric is colourfast and machine washable. The coat’s edges are bound with polyester bias binding for neatness and comfort. The shape of the coat is designed to be both stylish and comfortable in use.

The Be Seen Coat has silver reflective stripes sewn on to each side which reflect any ambient light including moonlight, street lighting, torch light and vehicle lights thus increasing the visibility of the dog and it’s safety in poor or night light.

larger coats have wider girth straps and reflective stripsThe girth and neck straps are made from woven polypropylene, which are strong, comfortable, and adjustable to ensure a good fit. They are secured with snaplock quick release buckles made of moulded nylon. Again these are chosen to be practical yet durable and strong.

A belt loop sewn at the centre back of the coat at the edge of the girth strap is designed to attach a Be Seen LED light

The coats can be hand or machine washed in cold or warm water and should be line-dried. Do not tumble-dry, dry-clean, iron or bleach. They have been designed in New Zealand and made in China.

Sizes: extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra large (XL)

Be Seen light

The Be Seen LED light is compact and light weight with an elastic strap to attach it to the Be Seen coat, the dog’s collar, harness or lead, or to yourself through a belt loop or buttonhole etc.

light on dog

It can be set to steady or flashing mode and is powered by 2 long lasting lithium batteries.

These are included and can be replaced when required (CR2032).